Hope Street DE, Inc. is 501c3 organization dedicated to addiction services and advocacy in Delaware

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help. 

Addiction and recovery affect us all, so we work with the community to show that, while addiction is a problem, people in recovery are part of the solution

Building Communities


Our dream is to re-develop a community with a strong architectural foundation, a Wellness Center for recreational activities, and affordable, sober, and comfortable homes for people and their families in different stages of their recovery to live and work and play using the Peer Recovery Support Services (PRSS) model. 


Volunteers and Staff work together to provide sober social and wellness activities, peer mentoring and leadership development.



Providing Advocacy and Peer Support


We have valuable lived experience. We know how important it is to share our stories. We also help children and parents with addiction education and support to help better understand what the addicted person's mind and supply them with tools to become resilient .

Creating Sanctuary


We need your help in our evolving vision which includes creating a Sanctuary for people in recovery, creating a safe and non-judgmental environment to grow and reach an individuals full potential

Hope Street DE is a place where people in recovery help each other thrive.