Be the Change: Advocating for Holistic Peer Services in Delaware

Trauma Informed Care and Addiction 

My name is Erin Goldner and I am a Recovery Developer, Addiction Advocate and a person in long term recovery who is also the Spokesperson for Hope Street DE. Hope Street DE was  founded in Delaware on April 21st of 2016


" Our mission is to advocate for more addiction public policy change and to put a face to recovery. Hope Street DE helps people find hope who are hurting from addiction and their families by giving them the tools they need to attain long term recovery in Delaware, while ensuring people in recovery or seeking recovery are treated with respect and dignity."

Trauma and addiction co-exist in a majority of people who are affected by addiction and needing treatment in Delaware. 

Trauma effects everyone...    Everyone!

Many people turn to drugs to numb the problem. Some people disassociate, isolate and become suicidal, and others resort to violence. This problem results in high rates of overdose, homocide and suicide in trauma sufferers. 

These are normal trauma reactions to abnormal traumatic events. 

We need hope. Hope is the key to recovery. Hope is a primary principle needed and the catalyst for recovery according to SAMHSA ( Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). It takes Courage to take action to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. We need hope to give us courage. 

Advocacy and peer support is a huge part of recovery and is underfunded because it is  undervalued by our legislation. Mostly because of stigma and misunderstanding of peer support.

"We need to develop sanctuary to empower creativity"

We must be Pioneers, Be Trailblazers

Empower our children and empower ourselves. 

Addiction help is needed in our state. Trauma-informed care's philosophy makes sense and will help our communities, which includes our children, our parents, our teachers, our first responders, our nurses, counsellors and... ourselves heal from our personal traumas. 

We believe in developing long term recovery housing in a town like Newport, DE that encourages recovery while including the community. We have worked hard to develop rapport and understanding in our local communities of Delaware. 


We believe employers in this community can participate by giving a chance to people in recovery to gain employment and have livable wages. We know this will increase economic stability in community and help heal not only the individual, but the community that has been affected by the addiction epidemic. 

This we think is a recipe for success. 

Does this make sense?