What is Hope Street DE?

What is Hope Street DE?

Hope Street DE is a recovery advocacy group in Delaware. We are currently working on becoming a non-profit, so we can apply for local, state and federal grants. We are focusing on the heroin epidemic and working closely with other advocacy programs in Delaware like The ACE center . We are also reaching out to the New Castle County Police Department. 

There is a substance abuse problem in Delaware and heroin is taking the lead in killing our young adults.  Our goal is to help change policy, bring a voice to people in recovery, help people in the recovery community to learn how to advocate for themselves and help design a sober living community in Northern Delaware for continuous, long-term sobriety.  

We hope to grow through out the state, but with Wilmington being called ”MurdertownUSA”.  We see a need for help in this area.  

Long Term Goals:

Long term goals are to create a Sober living community, which would meet the person suffering from addiction at the hospital or at the police station.  From there, we would help get them into detox (5 days) or rehabilitation facility (28 days).  We HOPE we can have our own recovery campus so the person suffering can get a sense of community at our treatment campus. We would like have a seamless transition back into community and feeling like they are accountable to that community. That would mean campus needs to be communicating close to the sober living community, which would be ran by Hope Street DE. 

We have found when the person is connected to recovery community before they leave treatment they are more likely to have long-term sobriety, which is our main goal.

We hope to help people find themselves again.  We will introduce recovery skills along with art, meditation, job training, volunteering with at risk youth and mentorship programs with recovery ambassadors in the community. We believe the 12 steps help in all areas of life and the 12 steps will be the foundation of our program.  We also believe there are other options to treatment and we will refer resident when we see they may need treatment that we can not provide. If person is suspected to be under the influence or showing signs of harmful behaviors, we will address appropriately.

Other ventures include:

1) a restaurant/ market providing occupation therapy. This will help with self-esteem and self-worth for women in recovery. It will also be another tie to the community giving the environment more of a family vibe. 

2) Recovery Center (24-hour) which will have computers, booksand coffee.  It will have heat, electric and water.  This can serve as a multi purpose buildingfor recovery events, parent retreats, a place to do step work and can also serve as a Safe Haven for people to go that are struggling with addiction and do not have a place to go.

3) Certified Daycare for mothers who are going to work on Soberliving site.  We want to help encourage sobriety and help give support in areas needed, like childcare.