Meet Angela

My name is Angela Lloyd. I am the Vice President and Recovery Advocate @ Hope Street Delaware. I have 16+ years experience with addiction and recovery. Although, I am not a recovering addict myself, I have experienced first hand addictions with those that I love within my family and amongst many other close relationships; I am a person in long term recovery for codependency. God has long ago placed a calling on my heart to help and assist those suffering from addiction and their children and families as well. Through my experiences, having been surrounded by many effected by the disease of addiction, including intimate relationships, family members, friends as well as the impact this has had on my daughter and myself, I have been blessed to have a deeper passion and clearer understanding of the disease. I support living a healthy lifestyle and placing healthy boundaries upon myself, which in turn gives me the ability and desire to help others set themselves free from addiction and codependency. Knowing I can not help everyone, I will remain hopeful, always give my best and provide individuals and their families afflicted by addiction with the utmost respect, compassion & care. I will educate and equip them with the necessary resources, tools and strategies associated with recovery. I encourage the 12 step program, implementing life skills and believe finding your purpose are all key elements to thrive in recovery. Throughout my personal experiences and the effects of addiction, I was able to become knowledgeable of the criminal justice system as well as family court. I have recently gained a passion for drug court reform. I believe it takes innovation, passion, teamwork and strong judicial leadership for drug courts to operate successfully. My goal is to make a difference and be a voice for the voiceless!