The Adair Group Supports Recovery and our First Responders

Because of The Adair Group we at Hope Street DE were able to give 60 free shirts to 60 of our First Responders who attended Our First Responder's Day Event on September 10th, 2016

We are very grateful for Adair's generous donation and that we were able to give a quality t-shirt to our dedicated First Responders a symbol of our gratitude .

For over 50 years, The Adair Group continues to be a low price leader in the wholesale apparel industry. Their strategic relationships and volume buying power allow them to get competitive t-shirt prices from the manufacturer and offer them to us. Adair Group also supports local grassroots non-profits like Hope Street!

I hope you know that you made a difference with your kind donation to our cause.

Thank you from all of us at Hope Street :)

If you'd like to learn more about The Adair Group and their products, click the link below.


Erin Goldner