Environment is Everything

How did it feel when you walked up to the doors to treatment? Did you feel welcome? Did you feel safe? Did you feel judged?

Environment is everything!

Many people don't realize how important the environment is, the smell of lavender, for instance, a burning candle in the waiting room, flowers, smiling faces, laughter, warmth, comfortable furniture, soft music playing in the background and a trauma-informed staff.  

This is only one part of trauma-informed care practice, but such an important part.  I have visited many different treatment programs through out my recovery . Those that have a warmer environment have a different vibe in the atmosphere.  The clients feel safer and able to trust because of the stable structure.  

As a client of one of these programs for 2 years, I did not know of any other treatment options. I thought certain practices were the standard of care.  It wasn't until I recovered, that I would learn about alternate treatment practices.  I now realize none of my trauma issues were addressed in treatment and may have even exposed me to re-traumatization in this treatment environment.  I do not want to criticize any program.  I just want people to be aware that there are alternative treatment options, if you feel you are not safe in the program you are enrolled in or want to explore other options. 

Another main purpose of trauma-informed care is to create an environment of non-judgement. So, please know that there is no judgement here, if you think the treatment program you are in is not for you, there is no harm in trying something new. 

The HelpIsHereDE.com website has an extensive list of local resources for you or a person you care about.  Please visit or you are welcome to contact us at Hope Street. (Ask for Erin, Angela, Mary or Marie) We will be more than happy to be of service and help guide you through the process.

We know the road to recovery is a difficult path and we want you to know you are not alone.