Advocacy in Delaware

Where do I begin? What are realistic goals to set? What do I focus on? Who are my representatives? 

SO, I can answer some of these questions. I am still learning how to navigate the legislative process for creating new policies and when policies are created, who then will be held accountable.

Begin by sharing your story.  Find an audience.  Find other people that care about the same issues.  Find a mentor that has been in your shoes and have achieved similar goals. Find retired professionals that have expertise in the area. Retired individuals have a unique position.  They can give you more of an independent opinion. 

Plan a local event and invite family and friends so you can let them know what you are up to and what you would like to see in the future.

Dont be afraid. If you truly believe in what you are fighting for and you have a true passion to change things, you will find your way.  People will doubt you.  People wilol tell you it is a hopeless cause.  

Attend a public meeting. Find one on for a committees you are concerned with or interest in. 

Visit your District Senator.  Many senators have regular coffee meetings in their district to hear what their constituent concern are and to stay up to date on current issues. 

Come up with a plan and set a goal for 6 months from now.  Something you want to accomplish to help bring a voice to the voiceless.

Head down to legislative hall, located in Dover which is the Capitol of Delaware. Watch a live session and see how State of Delaware legislators communicate. 

If you are interested in Substance Abuse and Mental Health:

Connecting with our new director for Division of Substance Abuse and Mental of Delaware, Director Elizabeth Romero.

With all that is going on in the “Addiction World”, we need a strong foundation. We need stable grounds.  We need to know who we can go to for information, help and policy support. 

Personally, I have found a need for better advocacy for this problem of addiction and mental health in general.  Many lobbyist and marketers have used this crisis to profit.  

There are groups that have abused the system because we have not had proper policy standards or reform in place.

I encourage anyone to reach out and TELL YOUR STORY!

Oh yea and VOTE!


You are not alone