Join the Crew!


Hope Street DE is always looking for new advocates to participate in the movement of hope for wellness and recovery from addiction in Delaware.

So come join the crew!  We need you.  Our younger generations are fighting for some normalcy in their life.  Most of our legislators are old school generation mind-set.   They have no idea what it is like to be losing entire groups of friends and major support groups in recovery.  It can become very lonely and bring a hopeless feeling.  It is tearing families apart. We have new babies with no fathers and no mothers.  Our foster care system is increasing their needs for foster care services. We have a major disconnect between generations. 

Hope Street DE gives us hope and the courage to continue to fight for better coordinated treatment and care for people with addiction, for our incarcerated population that they too get the help they need, our young pregnant mothers that still have an active addiction to heroin and alcohol, our youth that our struggling with their identity and where they belong in this world and our urban populations who are just trying to get to school without unnecessary conflict.  The barriers are many. 


We can give a voice to the voiceless.  We can protect peoples rights and create an updated parity act that enforces better treatment for people with addiction symptoms and diagnosis. We do this because we are human and we know every one deserves quality care, no matter what their financial situation, we must have best best care available to each Delawarean.  We give what was so freely given to us. Invite the innovative thinkers to the table and allow for creative constructive brainstorming.

You may say, well I worked hard for what I have.  And that is much respected, sir.  But.. There are many who have also worked very hard, but never had a chance or an opportunity you have had.  They may have had a very traumatic event in their life, like losing a parent or being abused throughout their childhood.  I know people that work very hard and also have addiction.  Should they be punished or told that the work they have done in their life is less important?  No! 

We need to re-evaluate what we value in this country and our State of Delaware.  If we value our children, we need to treat their caretakers with the utmost respect and understand that many of our caretakers never sought compensation for all their hard work. They never sought more prestigious titles or awards.  They just did the work because they knew it had to be done.  They didn't complain nor ask for anymore. To take advantage of people like this is wrong and these people, many from faith-based communities need to be recognized and respected.

So, when you sit down with your legislators you remind them that their job is to work for the people they serve. No matter rich or poor. No matter if unpopular or popular.  You remind them they are to protect the ones that can not protect themselves.  They are to look out for the best interest of "the whole"


Hope Street DE helps parents understand what is going on in the mind of their child and also help them understand addiction is a family disease and a brain disorder. This is very complicated and will take time to resolve. Please be patient. To add, we find through our research that there are other characteristics in the family that may be unhealthy also.  For instance, controlling behaviors, passive parenting, judgmental, blaming, unsafe environments, dis-empowerment, sexism, racism, religious differences, greed, dishonesty, lack of education or lack of interest in family members hobbies or abilities, one tract thinking, close-mindedness, depression, workaholics, genetic pre-deposition, and denial to name, just to name a few.

Much of the blame seems to land on the child with the active addiction behaviors, but as the child gets better and sober-minded, the parent realizes they may have some issues that need to be resolved also.  At times, sub-consciously, the parent wants the child to stay sick so they do not have to reflect on their own behaviors and actions.  That is why the amends process is so very important and 12 step programs can be so helpful for the child and the parent.


Hope Street DE Crew plans fun healthy events for young people and their families including our most recent bowling event.  We have so much fun together and these types of events help people gain more healthy relationship building skills with people in recovery and helps them build a stronger recovery foundation.

The road to recovery is possible. The decision is up to you.

#NEVERGIVEUP #ProtectingAndPreservingRecoveryDE