Addiction and Recovery: Attorney General Candidates Platform Key Focus

What an evening with the 3 Democratic Candidates for Delaware Attorney General At Kingswood Community Center hosted by Wilmington Democrats!

Common Theme: Opioid Epidemic and Accountable Governance

Our 3 Democratic candidates are LeKresha Roberts, Christopher Johnson and Kathleen Jennings. 

LeKresha Roberts is an attorney who has experience in the Attorney General’s Office. She also has worked for New Castle Family court and experience that has had an impact on her views in and that being more proactive in children’s lives can help prevent future hardships like addiction or incarceration. She believes we need to extend trauma training to our Prosecutors.  She stated that “DOC has limited resources”, which is quite concerning. She went into more detail about how incarceration affects the trajectory of an individuals future.  “Maintain in community to maintain employment”.  She was stern when discussing rehabilitation in the community and how important community support is through out the justice process.  “Aggressively pursue opioid litigation” stated Roberts. With her experience in the Attorney General’s office, she has become dedicated to prosecuting the pharmaceutical companies. The only concern is that aggressively pursuing the opioid litigation may distract an Attorney General from other important duties. 

Chris Johnson grew up in a Union Family. He served the City of Wilmington Police Department for the Civilian side. Chris wants to focus on Mental Health and not house mental health in our prison system. He would like to see a “Reallocation of resources” to help fund better services for people with mental health issues and substance related disorders. He made mention of the “Arrest factor” and criminal charges staying on a juvenile record for a lifetime. He also discussed, how important the expungement process is and having a streamlined process. This would help the youth to move forward with their life.

Johnson is very consistent with his message about police practices and aligning with 21st Century Training model. He also made mention of Autism training, so law enforcement knows how to interact better with People with Autism. He was very passionate when speaking about “Entrenched Poverty” which was very sobering to hear as a community member that sees the everyday struggle in our under-resourced communities. CITIZEN OVERSIGHT BOARD was firmly discussed including how important it is to have community insight and accountability. I found it interesting he made mention of “Redaction Software” and that not all agencies have access to this type of software.   I believe he stated that the City of Wilmington does not have it. This condition seems to be consuming time that could be better spent prosecuting or interfacing with victims, instead of spent retyping old documents from the past.

Kathy Jennings has practiced law for many years in the state of Delaware and is probably the most well-known candidate. Her focus theme is steady on courageous “LEADERSHIP”. She believes that part of the problem with are systems is a lack of strong leadership. She also voiced that it will take courage to face the new administration in Washington D.C.

Jennings seems very connected to the recovery community and the Language of Recovery. She definitely wants to make Substance Abuse Healthcare Treatment a top priority if she wins the seat as Attorney General. With her extensive legal experience, she has come to the conclusion that the state has to stop people from going into prison system and be more proactive.

Kathy has prosecuted cases involving child sexual abuse and murder cases. She helped create the Consumer protection unit when Beau Biden was in office. Miss you Beau. 

 “Recovery is not a straight line”, she shares. Jennings shows much compassion for the recovery community. Her many years of experience has given her clear proof that putting people in prison for addiction does not work, nor does it give quality or sufficient results. She wants to see more beds for treatment and will advocate as an attorney general to push the legislative branch to enforce better treatment for Addiction in Delaware.


Make sure you attend one of the upcoming events or reach out to the candidates Facebook pages to introduce yourself and let them know how important holistic care for people with addiction is and that PARITY is of the utmost importance for people with addiction. They need to know how to help, they have ideas but people in recovery have unique experience and knowledge on the subject.  I encourage all to speak up. You will never know how important your voice is. You have a choice. BE BOLD and #NEVERGIVEUP

All three candidates made quite an impression on me, which makes this decision in September very difficult.  I hope through out the summer they can have active debates, with experienced hosts like Jensen from WDEL. We need more healthy cross-fire debate to really find out what the candidates ideologies and what motivates them.  Anyone can memorize platform language, but how to they react when under fire?

Thank you again to again to @wilmdems and @kgwcc