Carper/Kerri Primary Forum- “8/27”

Racing to Cab Calloway for the Senatorial Debate.  It was a packed house.

I walk in and see Carper and Harris at the podiums on stage.  To their right was Matthew Albright and to their left was reporter with questions.  Man I love good debate.  I have found that many of the debates hosted now are not really debates but more of forums.  I want to see crossfire.  I want to see disagreements.  I want to see adversity on the stage.  


This was still a good “debate”.  I walked in wearing my multiple hats trying to fit in but also stand out.  I have just gotten to the point to where I do not care what people think of me, but I am sure to be as respectful as possible.  


I scoot on in thinking there are no seats so I walk over to the side where the camera guys are.  Pull out my notepad and start listening to the discussion.  


I was a bit upset I missed the previous debate  with Truono, but time did not permit me to be there for that.  

I digress.

I write the date at the top of the pad, “ 8/27” and Title the top “Debate”

Listening intently, pen in hand, Carper begins explaining Dodd-Frank and Insurance and Banking Policy and the 2008 Financial Crisis.  Kinda over my head, but kinda not from advocacy work and research, I have learned a hell of a lot. Maybe we can ask Ben Carson from HUD for a bit more information on this topic. 


Ok.  So I’m still kinda adjusting to how many people attended the event and Harris catches my attention. Her voice carries and she was diving right into Immigration Law and treating people like human beings.  Ok this woman is talking about Immigration and Accountability! ”Holy Crap”, I think to myself.  She is tackling one of the tough subjects.  

This should be an interesting event. 

Carper goes further into discussing Finance Protection Agency.  And K. Harris brings up SB2155 consumer Protection 250 B.1. Assets and “Predatory Lending” I was like hold up!  Is that a thing???


Carper brings up the European Union Trade Policy for historical understanding of how we got to the present.  He discussed Treaty and “Trade Blocking” and how in the past we were as high as 30%.  He calls them the “Trump docs”.  He then went on to explain the Chinese Fair Trade, but think he had exceeded his time.  That was definitely a common theme of the evening.  The candidates were passionate and were exceeding their time for many questions.  Matthew did a great job of reeling them back and being respectful of their completion of answer. 


K. Harris elaborated on the trade discussion and enlightened us on the fact that Trade Strategy is an effective angle at times, but not necessarily for all.  She feels strongly about being “Pioneers with Solar Panels”, she explored the positives of creating and leading this industry and how it can help the economy. 

She showed disgust for Trump and his behaviors on Twitter and considers “Twitter War” a disgrace.  Kerri Harris was clear on her thoughts about Kavanaugh being appointed.  She said, “Kavanaugh doesn’t makes sense.” She exclaimed that she want to “Preserve Democracy”

Carper gently stated that he is a firm believer in the “Golden Rule”.  He wants to “Defeat Trump” He also admitted that he voted on fears in the past and that won’t happen again.  There was comment about his age and him being too old for the job.  Well, he responded with explaining his daily routine and how it includes going to the gym everyday.  He ended the answer to the question by saying, “Keep up with me.”


By this time, I look around and attendance is still high.  People were on the edge of their seats.  Believe it or not. 


Both candidates were asked what issues are most pressing in America and Small Wonder Delaware. 

Carper’s stated 2 issues were Legal Immigration and asking sure the “water we drink is safe as well”

Kerri voiced her concerns  with career politicians and them lacking the heart for the real work. She continued to touch on working family issues which included how much gas cost, basic household budgeting and even went further to share some of her own struggles with something as simple as diapers and how those diapers can add up and become unaffordable for the working family.


Next, Campaign Finance Law!!! U.S. House and U.S. Senate seem to be seem to be showing legal issues.  

Well... Kerri said she wants to see a brand new deal.  She showed a knowledge base in Corporate Money and was not afraid tp mention PAC monies. 

Let’s put it this way, Kerri has done her research, which to me, is awakening and powerful. 


At this point, is where she caught some momentum and went off.  First, she brought up the “Keystone Pipeline”, then I jot down, “Keystone Pipeline”.  When I get home, I look up “Keystone Pipeline” and jaw drops to ground. Tried to see if this connect to Delaware, but it does not.  

Carper then has a chance to chime in on more serious matters and he brings up Utilitieds and CO2 and “Wind Mills NOT Oil Mills” and that gets an applause. He says and “Finally, Electricity and Charging Stations”. So now we have almost every hot topic mention and/or directed EXCEPT... THE OPIOID CRISIS




This is now a congressional candidate topic. Carper did not seem convinced about the crisis, which Kerri brought to light as one of her platform pivot points.  He was able to engage in conversation and said he knows about this pressing issue. He admittedly said he did not sign a required authorization for money because he was afraid once the buckets of money were accessed,  they would be empty and there would not be any more money left in the bucket.  

Kerri posed a question to Carper and asked, “If the bill is passed across your desk tomorrow, will you sign it?”  His answer was, “He has.” But he did answer her question ion the current legislation.  I wish I knew the number on “said bill” , but maybe it doesn’t even have one yet.  


Harris stated her participation with the Opioid Network and work she had done with people like Elizabeth Warren.  Kerri also dropped multiple statistical information on the crisis and the amount of people in Delaware needs help on a daily basis and the fact that we have less than 300 beds to serve 2000 people.  If all those 2,000 people asked for help, we would have to refer out because we do not have the capacity.,  

This all ties into the theme of using prison as a treatment bed and then we criminalize addiction.


Carper did mention his support and success in aligning Pharmacy services with other Pharmacies and other states to prevent doctors and patients from abusing and misusing prescription drugs.  

That I actually believe has help and relieve some of the stigma on prescription drugs.  


I do appreciate his efforts and the comment Kerri Harris provided.  


Throughout the evening I heard different comments from different folks.  Some good, some not so good.  But it lies on the voter to make decisions.  Do your research.  Write your Delaware Congresspeople and #STAYWOKE and #NEVERGIVEUP


This is an effort to practice blogging on political candidates.


Thank you for supporting Hope Street DE’s challenge to creating a blueprint to hope from addiction.  

Erin J. Goldner