Gotta Believe in Something

“Her hope gave light and helped her to believe in a good thing. The sparkle of hope showed her a path to recovery with a willingness to trust and be vulnerable. 


Her hope gave her drive to overcome the impossible. Her hope couldn't see into the future. But her hope helped her believe in something.  To know something good can happen. To believe in the possibility of recovery.  

Recovery was something she didn't know or understand, but she trusted her fellow and followed guidance. Its kinda like justice. Justice is blind. She cant see.  But she trusts her scale “

- E. Goldner


Justice trusts the weight on the scales. She doesn't look. She believes the gravity of justice will carry more wieght.  

In revovery, we measure how vulnerable people are willing to be. These fellow share their stories of hope, which inspire belief in “something”.  They share the soul  

We can’t measure hope, but in a way we can.  

Hope guides us to the light. We must Follow the light. Hope inspires us to take risks for good reasons and gain healthy recovery as a result. “Sometimes quickly. Sometimes slowly. It will materialize if we work for it.”

- A A

Recovery is a soul seeking process to dig deep and find something to believe in  or chooseto do nothing and feel discontented an miserable. No thanks!  I want to believe and have a chance at a joyful life.  


So please, you gotta believe in something. Hope is something that can be so small like a grain of sand, but it brightnes is infinite. We will come to rely on this hope, remembering how very small it seemed. Remembering thix is powerful and nurtures us to believe in something greater which give us freedom and inspires us to help others  

 Focus on what mattters.  Chaos doesnt serve us anymore  

God bless you and your personal

recovery journey.  


#NEVERGIVEUP   #HopeStreetJourneys