The little voice that says “Don’t Give Up”

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

JFC Comment from Erin at Hope Street DE

You are not alone. Addiction can be the loneliest disease.  We isolate from our family and friends and we stop talking to our higher power for those that believe in a higher power. 

It is a disease that needs regular maintenance and care. It isn’t diabetes where a visit to the doctor and a sugar pill will solve.  It isn’t the flu that will go away after some rest and chicken noodle soup.  It is a mental health disease and some say it is a brain disease. 

What we find is that constant work with our fellows help us heal.  We give and expect nothing in return. 

I urge you to review our submission and have mercy on our efforts in this new process. 

Creating a pathway to recovery through Community Based Care to provide services focused on female needs and based in a strong community with strong community members and leaders willing to help and collaborate together, creating a community with potential and promise and hope.
The solution is to give people purpose and meaning to live. Without purpose, there is no hope. This plan must be strategic in where the program takes places and who the decision makers are. Community and Connecting is the solution.Hope Street DE envisions a community that treats addiction as a mental health condition, and oversees services being provided at different stages of recovery that include treatment, housing, occupational therapy, child friendly environments, peer support and life skill coaching, along with creating a feeling of warmth, and a safe, welcoming and non-judgmental environment.Funding requirements are included in our request.
We could really benefit from employing more peoplehousing in local neighborhood of Newport with reasonable rent We will continue to supply volunteers that have scheduled times that they help the recovering mothers and organize healthy activities.
Most importantly a community sanctuary and serves as a community center with literature and healthy activities to participate in, like yoga and reading time with children and coffee.
Technology is key like cell phones- is 24/7 hotline that is always answered by staff and volunteers for people seeking help or someone to talk to about recovery,We will do marketing and fundraising as best as we can
Our Organization and our expertise is as follows: we have lived and experienced with addiction and recovery, some of us have attained educational degrees, some of us have institutional experience, but we find the greatest value is our lived experience helping people for no other reason but to let them know that they are not alone.

I ask on that the grant in aid be funded for Hope Street so people seeking recovery do have a place to go and are based in the community of Wilmington/Newport.

The great hope is to have a Point of Hope, a community of recovery and a place for children to grow up with sober parents.

Please consider the Underdog named Hope Street DE for funding in 2020.

Kindly and Respectfully,

Erin J Goldner

Erin J. GoldnerHope Street DEAdvocate