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"If we don't change, we won't improve." -Colonel Elmer Setting

Colonel Elmer Setting has been in service to New Castle County for 28 years. He is a passionate, educated and down to earth human being with an strong understanding of the addiction crisis in our country, especially in New Castle County.  He has been practicing community policing with his team in efforts to help with the drug related criminal offenses.

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The Story By: Marie Allen


"If I had to pick one word to describe my baby girl on the day she was born it would be beautiful. April 3, 1976 I was 25 years old and thought I was prepared to be a mom. I promised my baby I would always be there for her. I would do my best to earn the name “mommy”.  I didn’t take it lightly and relied on my mom and mother in law to help me whenever I had a question or concern. I was so happy and Erin was a very pleasant baby. Her smile would melt my heart and she smiled often.  

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What is Hope Street DE?