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First Responder's Day 2016 Newport, DE

First Responder's Day 2016  Newport, Delaware

Dear LifeSaver,

You didn't think twice when the call came in, you came immediately without hesitation.

If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have made it. I got a second chance at life. Please know, I am paying it forward to the next one who needs it.

We want you to enjoy and have fun on this day. Please know that these lives you saved, aren't going to waste. They grow and are making change. 

We now understand the bold sacrifice you made and we thank God for your decision "to save”.

"Thanks"... NO. That is not enough. 

So… We hope to make you proud with the work we have done. I make a promise on this day and I won't forget that you rescued a kid you never even met.

Hope one day we will meet and I will get to show you...


...that you rescued Hope and she did't even know it.

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