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Be the Change: Advocating for Holistic Peer Services in Delaware

Trauma Informed Care and Addiction 

My name is Erin Goldner and I am a Recovery Developer, Addiction Advocate and a person in long term recovery who is also the Spokesperson for Hope Street DE. Hope Street DE was  founded in Delaware on April 21st of 2016

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Married to Addiction By: Anonymous

As all relationships start out you find yourself completely taken over by emotion and excitement.  In my case, meeting him was a surprise, just a chance meeting.  It did not come without apprehension.  I had been alone a year and raising a child after a 3 year relationship with a man that was emotionally and physically abusive.  I had decided at that time to find peace and move forward, enrolling in college classes, work and raising my 5 year old daughter.  

I never discussed his past, other than the usual questions such as “where do you live?” and “where do you work?”.  He did offer that he was just recently released from prison after completing 6 years for drug distribution.  He seemed genuine and forthcoming with anything I was interested in knowing so with that said, we moved forward and started dating.  Right away he introduced me to his family and invited me to any gathering.  I developed a relationship with his sisters and spent much time together.  After a few months of dating I felt it time to tell my family.  I was raised in a middle to upper class home, never needed anything.  Two hard working parents that moved me through catholic school and hoped for a college education, husband and family.  At 22 yrs, I gave birth to my first child, and after living away from home for 4 yrs, quickly realized that I was not able to raise her alone.  I moved home and was in the process of sorting out my life and options and along he came.  At first there was hesitation, my last relationship was toxic and my parents watched as I was being controlled and I was not doing anything about it.  They wanted to make sure that this new guy was going to show me respect and that he was genuine.  I assured them and asked that they meet.  He won them over, very pleasant, again forthcoming in conversation and put them at ease.  

In January 1999, I attended a New Year’s Eve party at the home of his Aunt.  At midnight the ball dropped and after a year of dating, he proposed.  It was a shock, however, I was excited.  I was 28 yrs old with a child and he accepted me and wanted to make a life with me.  After 5 months of planning and a simple ceremony, we were married.

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