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As I See It... By: Liz Lucey

Any way that I tell my story it will be a lie, because every time I reflect on it, my perception is different.  It’s like when you are reading from the Big Book and, no matter how many times you read it, you see or learn something you don’t recall seeing before.  And because I spent at least twenty years in an alcoholic haze, bits and pieces of it are hidden and scattered amongst some moments of vivid recollection or moments of abrupt clarity.  It is amazing what the mind chooses to lock away and what it will never let you forget.  I am on a “need to know” basis with my memories.  There is always someone, however, who is willing to fill in the gaps of my story for me (usually one of my victims) and therefore much of my history is a conglomeration of perceptions and biased opinions.  I am guilty of everything they have accused me of and more, and made amends for as much as I can remember, as well as what I forgot.  

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