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Be the Change: Advocating for Holistic Peer Services in Delaware

Trauma Informed Care and Addiction 

My name is Erin Goldner and I am a Recovery Developer, Addiction Advocate and a person in long term recovery who is also the Spokesperson for Hope Street DE. Hope Street DE was  founded in Delaware on April 21st of 2016

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The Disconnect

There is such a disconnect between people and treatment.  People with a history of addiction and who are actively seeking help can not find it. We see on the front page of the newspaper that Johnny had to go to Florida to get help. Johnny had to leave the State of Delaware to get help. Johnny left knowing he had pending criminal charges against him. There are too many cases just like Johnny's.  Johnny choose life. He was going to die if he didn't go get treatment.

He found a fellowship in Florida. He found a community; a Recovery community.  Wow! What a concept! It's common sense to people who have longer term recovery. We understand that young adults need a sense of community.  Most of their friends can drink and smoke marijuana recreationally.  

Do you know how hard it is to get sober before you are even 21 years old? All the normal is over. Drinking and drugging career... OVER!  Well, what do these young adults do?

Mom has had about enough. Dad may or may not be around.  So, the young adult is put back into the same environment with nothing to do.  He eventually gives in, hangs out with old friends again and drinking and drugging looks like a good idea.  Mom and dad don't understand how this could have happened.  They think getting arrested or a visit to the local ER is enough to scare him.  It takes a lot to scare a young adult.  They think they are unstoppable.

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